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St Hugh 50th anniversary - church photo_edited.jpg


Founded in 1967, the church was named for St. Hugh, a Capuchian monk from France who established an abbey in England and became Archbishop of Lincoln during the reign of Richard II. The twenty founding members met in nearby church and school classrooms while a house was built on the property for the new vicar and his family. The church was finally completed in September 1971.

As Elgin’s population grew, so did church membership and there was a need for more space. In 1994, construction began on a 3,000 sq. ft. addition for church offices, a fellowship hall, kitchen, library, and nursery. In 2001, St. Hugh of Lincoln Mission was renamed St. Hugh of Lincoln Parish as it no longer needed financial support from the diocese. In 2017, the members of St. Hugh celebrated its 50th anniversary with special events throughout the year. To help ensure a strong future, a long-range planning committee was established to address the changing needs of the Elgin community and the St. Hugh family.

Today, St. Hugh of Lincoln has maintained its practice of blending traditional Episcopal liturgy with a contemporary focus on issues and activities. By inviting all to attend worship services, the church continues to attract believers from diverse backgrounds who find the teachings and outreach opportunities at St. Hugh meet their needs for spiritual growth and fellowship.

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