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At St. Hugh, we value each and every dollar donated, and use it to  further our mission of helping people experience God’s love.

Donations may be designated for a specific fund, or not; undesignated donations will be assigned to the general fund, and will be counted towards members’ pledges, if applicable.  The following are some of the funds that may be specified on your gift:

  • The General fund supports the overall mission and ministries of St. Hugh.

  • The Rector’s discretionary fund is used to assist people in need, both in our parish and in our neighborhood.

  • The Building fund is for renovation projects that exceed the annual budget for maintenance. Capital campaign donations are included in the building fund.

  • Altar Flowers may be given in memory or celebration, or simply to the glory of God.  If you would like a dedication to be printed in the bulletin, please send a note to

  • The Outreach fund is for donations to ministries such as Soup Kettle.

  • Memorial Gifts are typically given in honor of a deceased loved one, and may be designated for other specific ministry purposes, with Vestry consent. 

Here are some of the ways you can make a gift to St. Hugh:

Give online

Like any church, we depend on the goodwill of our donors. If we have blessed you in some way, or you feel called to support our ministries, please consider donating here. If you would like your donation to contribute to a particular section of our ministry, please make a note of it in the field provided. If no note is entered, your donation will be used to support our overall mission. Pledges may be fulfilled through online donations.

Click the Donate button below to donate using a credit or debit card or with PayPal.

To ensure that your contribution to St. Hugh isn’t reduced by the PayPal transaction fee, we ask that donations using this online service include an additional 2% to cover the fee. 

Mail a check to the church

Please send any correspondence to our mailing address: 


St. Hugh of Lincoln Episcopal Church

P.O. Box 5452

Elgin, Illinois 60121

Offering plate

If you attend our services in-person, you may place your gift in the offering plate.  Offering envelopes are not required, but if you prefer to use them, please contact our church office to order them.  

Automated bank payment

Most banks allow their clients to set up automatic payments so that a check is sent to the church directly from the bank on a weekly or monthly basis.  We encourage this method of giving, as it ensures that our income levels don’t drop during times when people are on vacation or otherwise not coming to church.


(also known as a "tithe" or "offering")

Pledging is an important spiritual exercise, which allows us to reflect on the gifts God has given us, and to show our thanks for those gifts by giving back to the Church. It also reinforces the importance of our spiritual lives and our commitment to a growing relationship with God and the church. You can specify your pledge amount using our online form linked below.

Time and Talents

We value your abilities and willingness to share your time in the service of the church.  Please complete a Time and Talent form so that we can connect you to a ministry where your skills or interest can be put to good use!

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