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36W957 Highland Avenue
Elgin, Illinois 60123


I'm a newcomer! What Should I know?

We’re so glad to have you with us! St. Hugh is a friendly place, so don’t hesitate to ask a fellow parishioner if you’re unsure of what to do.

What does remote worship mean?

For those with health and safety concerns, St. Hugh is continuing to offer worship services remotely using Zoom. If you have not used Zoom previously, you might be prompted to install software. Please do so. If you have not used Zoom recently, you might be prompted to update software. Please do so. Once you are connected to a Zoom service, you should be able to see and hear our service leaders and other


attendees. Depending on how you have chosen to set up your device or computer, others may be able to see and hear you. As we are a very friendly group, you will often hear greetings and welcomes being exchanged between families and friends. Feel free to say hello, or not, as you are comfortable.  As the service begins, attendees will be “muted” within Zoom and worship assistants will begin “sharing their screen” so that everyone can see the worship material and follow along. This screen will include service music, scripture readings that will be read aloud by volunteers, and excerpts from the Book of Common Prayer - everything that will be read during the service. Since all are not physically together to share bread and wine, a prayer for a spiritual communion is added. As the service concludes,  special blessings are offered for those with birthdays, anniversaries, and additional prayer requests from the congregation are heard. Then a blessing for all in attendance is given and after a closing hymn the service has ended. 

In-Person worship

Our 8:00 AM an 10:30 services will be hybrid services. This means there will be in-person worshipers AND the service will be on Zoom for those wishing to remain remote. We will continue to offer a remote option for most services. Find those links HERE.

For the health and safety of our congregation, worshipers are expected to stay home if they are not feeling healthy and well.

When you walk throuh our red doors...

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted at the door! There are bathrooms down the left hall when you arrive and a place to hang coats directly ahead. Upon entering the sanctuary, be sure to take a bulletin from one of our ushers that will guide you through the service. The bulletin references the book and corresponding page for each element in the service so you can follow along.


The format of our services follows the Book of Common Prayer (BCP). After the procession, we begin with a collect and three readings, followed by a sermon, communal prayer, the exchange of the peace, and Holy Communion, then concluding with announcements and a dismissal. Episcopalians are known for their "pew aerobics," so if you're not sure when to sit, stand, or kneel, just watch your neighbor!


At the end of the service, you'll exit the sanctuary with other parishioners and greet the rector. Visitors are invited to sign our guest book and will be gifted a St. Hugh mug, along with a brochure. We hope you find a spiritual home here and join us again soon!

Sundy Services

Sunday services

At St. Hugh, we offer two Sunday services: one at 8:00 am that follows the traditional Rite I service in the prayer book; and the other at 10:30 am that uses the more modern Rite II service and includes music. Eucharist (Holy Communion) is celebrated at both services. For the health and safety of all who worship at St. Hugh, the church is using a hybrid worship model continuing to hold all worship services remotely using Zoom and allowing in-person worshipers at all services.

Most of our young families choose to attend the later service so that their children can participate in Second Sunday Sunday school activities during the school year or attend the nursery during worship.


Hymnals & prayer book

Services in the Episcopal Church follow the Book of Common Prayer (BCP), which is the smaller red or black book with a gold cross that can be found in the front of your pew.

For music at the 10:30 am service, we sing selections from the 1982 Hymnal (the larger blue/black/red book), as well as contemporary songs from the Renew hymnal (a gray paperback book, usually found on the pew cushion).


Holy Communion

We celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday. While we welcome everyone to participate, it is not required. Those who do not wish to eat the bread and/or wine are still invited to the communion rail for a blessing - simply place your arms across your chest. For those with limited mobility, stay where you are and we'll come to you!


At the appropriate time, an usher will signal to your row and you can take your place at the communion rail. We serve individual wafers that have been consecrated; they are made from wheat flour and are unleavened. Rice wafers are available for those who cannot consume wheat (just let the priest know if you need one). Extend your hands to receive a wafer from the priest. After the bread, a chalice bearer will come by with a cup of red wine. They will tip the chalice toward you, with your guidance, so that you can take a sip of wine. Some people choose to consume the wine using a small cup. A cruet bearer can pour a small amount of wine into your cup. After you consume it, there is water available to rinse and consume any wine left. You can then return to your seat and say a prayer, if you wish.


**Methods for distributing communion will vary due to Covid guidelines. The priest will provide instructions to all those in attendance for communion.**



A nursery is available during the 10:30 am service, under the direction of our lead staff member and volunteers. The nursery offers many toys and books to occupy young children (ages 0-4).

Sunday School

Sunday School

During the school year,  Sunday school classes meet during the 10:30 AM service on the second Sunday of each month. Our program does not use any set curriculum. Our creative leaders teach lessons based on the church's liturgical calendar: Advent, Lent, Easter, etc., and will vary depending on the number and ages of children typically in attendance. Children will be called to their classrooms shortly after the service begins (just after the opening collect prayer) and will rejoin their families just before communion. The Sunday school year typically kicks off as part of our annual Outdoor Eucharist celebration, held the 2nd weekend in September.

Coffee Hour

Coffee Hour

Immediately following our 10:30 am service, you’re invited to join us in the fellowship hall for refreshments and light snacks (e.g., fruit, veggies, pretzels, coffee cake, etc.). It’s a great time to greet your neighbor, check the bulletin boards, and ask any questions you might have!



There is ample paved parking directly in front of the building, including several handicapped spaces, and along the exit to Randall Road. For larger events, additional parking may be opened up on the grass lawn.



Our building has two short sets of stairs which are needed to reach the main floor of the church from the parking lot. For individuals with limited mobility, an elevator is available through the lower level entrance on the right side of the building – just follow the signs! There is also a paved ramp on the right side of the building, with a door that opens to the main floor, where folks can be dropped off. Please note that this ramp is for drop off only, as cars that are left parked here block the ramp and prevent others from using it!

How to Get Here

Getting here

​Our physical address is 36W957 Highland Ave, Elgin, Illinois 60123. We are located on the southeast corner of Randall Road and Highland Avenue. For directions, you can enter our address into Google Maps.


What is an episcopalian?

Episcopalians are followers of Christ. We belong to the worldwide Anglican Communion and our origins trace back to the Church of England and the American colonies. The Episcopal Church offers a delightful blend of traditional worship and progressive thinking, with an emphasis on scripture, reason, and tradition. Our services share many similarities with a Roman Catholic mass.

Our national church is currently headed by the Presiding Bishop and Primate, The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry. The slogan for our national church has long been 'The Episcopal Church welcomes you!' and we at St. Hugh strive to practice love for our neighbor and inclusion of all. It's a joy to be a part of this welcoming community. To learn more about what we believe, click here.

All Are Welcome

All are welcome

At St. Hugh, we are committed to being a community that is open and inclusive of all persons, regardless of race, marital status, gender identity, sexual orientation, background, or physical or mental ability. We invite you and all members of your family to worship with us and be a part of our church family. To learn more about our welcoming initiative, read more here.


Where can I get the latest news?

On Sunday, you’ll see notes in the service bulletin and hear announcements regarding upcoming events, but you can also stay informed by following us on Facebook! If you’re not a social media user, click here to be added to our email list and receive the latest communications from the church office, including our monthly digital newsletter (The Voice of the Swan).

Military/1st Responders

Military & 1st responders Services

We have constructed a special Eucharistic liturgy to support the friends and family of military members, 1st responders, and to pray for peace. Military service persons and 1st responders , whose names we've been given, are prayed for by name and are sent birthday cards. We hope that you'll join us to pray for these persons and their families.

7:00 PM - 4th Wed. of  each month

Taizé service

Taizé PRAYER serviceS

Our Taizé prayer services offer a simple and peaceful space to gather, reflect, and be still. It differs from the feel and format of our traditional Sunday servicesFor more information about this experience and current service times, please visit our Taizé page.

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