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The daily office

The Daily Office – Morning and Evening Prayer, blended with prayers relevant to current events, art and music.  Offers live webcast 2 times daily.

The Daily Office – Text and audio of the day’s Morning and Evening prayer.

Lectionary resources

Full text of Bible readings appointed for Sundays and weekdays.

The Lectionary Page - Selected readings with a calendar layout

Book of Common Prayer - Online Book of Common Prayer


Forward Day by Day Meditation

Our Daily Bread - daily meditation

Center for Action and Contemplation - daily meditations from Richard Rohr and other contemplative authors. 

Inspirational Messages

About the Eucharist

Annotated Eucharist -  noting Scripture, events, and traditions from which the liturgy is derived. Prepared by The Reverend Dr. Catherine C. Gregg, Rector Grace Episcopal Church St. George, UT.

Holy Communion:  A Rookie’s Guide to the Eucharist (see note below on distinctions between The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of North America)

The Episcopal church

A note about Episcopal vs. Anglican churches

St. Hugh of Lincoln is a part of The Episcopal Church (TEC), which is comprised of the Episcopal dioceses and parishes in the United States.  The Episcopal Church is a part of the Anglican Communion, which is the worldwide group of denominations that are derived from the Church of England.  The Anglican Church of North America (ACNA) also has churches in the U.S., and is also part of the Anglican Communion.  Both denominations use the Book of Common Prayer, though ACNA uses a different version.  ACNA differs theologically from TEC in its views on sexuality and gender, and the ordination of women.  That being said, there are some good articles about liturgy and worship “in the Anglican tradition” on the Anglican Compass website.

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